Mathematicians Paper

Objective: To research a notable mathematician and discover his/her contributions to modern mathematics.
DUE: Friday, March 4, 2011

  • Write a 2-3 page report (excluding title page and bibliography) on a famous mathematician.
  • Title Page must include the following elements:
    • Name of mathematician
    • Picture of the mathematician (if available)
    • Dates of birth and death of mathematician
    • Your name, period, and class (e.g. Joe Smith, Period 2, Pre-Calculus)
  • Report must include the following information:
    • Date and place of birth and death
    • Additional Biographical Information (education, teachers, mentors, etc)
    • Most significant contribution(s) to the field of mathematics
    • Relevance of contribution(s) to mathematics today. How does it influence what you are taught in your math classes?
  • Bibliography
    • Cite all references using correct bibliographic format
    • Wikipedia may NOT be used as a reference
  • Format of the Paper
    • Margins may not exceed one inch
    • Font may not exceed Times New Roman 12
    • Line Space should be double-spacing
  • Handing It In - The paper must be handed in using and a hard copy must be handed in.